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Social Events Programme

Last update: 17th February 2024

Future Events

Quiz Night, Saturday 2nd March 2024 - Sold Out

Spring Holiday St Helier, Mon 3rd June - Fri 7th June 2024

Martin's Big Walk 2024, Apr-Aug 2024

Autumn Holiday, Belfy Hotel Cambourne near Cambridge

Recent Events

AGM in Fullwell Cross Library, Sat 18th November 2023 at 1pm

Festive Lunch, Sat 20th January 2024

Future events


REDBRIDGE RAMBLERS QUIZ Saturday 2nd March 2024

(Please do not attempt any more Bank Transfers!)

As we now have over 90 "quizzers" signed up for this year's Redbridge Ramblers QUIZ NIGHT on Saturday 2nd March 2024 we are now closing the books, so please do not sent us any more money! The quiz starts at 7.30 pm at Fullwell Cross Library (next to the Swimming Pool and near Fairlop Underground Station). I am hoping that we will have approximately 12 table of 8 people on the night. There will be a tasty Rambler's supper provided. Please bring your own DRINKS and GLASSES. I look forward to seeing you on the night.

Regards Ron W

Holiday at the Merton Hotel, St Helier in Jersey

Monday 3rd June - Friday 7th June 2024

Now all booked at the Merton Hotel, St Helier in Jersey from Monday 3rd - Friday 7th June 2024. (Update from Terry)

We now have 40 people signed up so there are potentially 3 spaces left - which (unusually) could all be singles if required at a cost of £630 (or 2 sharing at £610 /person.) But as it is now quite close to the holiday, Terry suggests if anyone wants to come they should now make the full payment with their booking instead of final payment by 24th March as advised to people who booked a while ago. As usual payment by Bank Transfer if at all possible. Plan is to travel by coach from Redbridge (see early start times below) to Poole then by ferry to Jersey(4 1/2 hours!) with coach pick up and support around Jersey. RECAP -Cost - £610. or £630 for singles) Balance due date is now 24th March 2024. Jersey is part of our NHS (yet you may want to think about insurance for returning home after injury ). If you fancy a day trip to France (as a DIY option) remember to bring your passport!

To book a place lf possible please book by direct bank transfer. (see newsletter)

Plan is to travel by coach from Redbridge to Plymouth, then ferry to Jersey with coach pick up and support around Jersey.

Saint Aubin harbour, Jersey (Yves Cosentino)

Merton Hotel has a nice swimming pool

Ron W


Monday 30th September 2024 to Friday 4th October 2024

I am proposing we stay fairly locally for our Autumn holiday, so have made arrangements at:- The Cambridge Belfry, CAMBOURNE 4 star (includes room, dinner, bed and breakfast, and use of swimming pool). Cost £460 (if we get at least 40 people).

There are 10 single rooms at the extra cost of £5 per night (£480). I am trying for extra single rooms which may cost more per room. Single rooms will be on a first come first served basis - according to Redbridge Ramblers booking policy. To book a place. Either - send a deposit cheque for £50,made out to Redbridge Ramblers, to Ron W., together with your details shown below Or - pay the deposit by bank transfer, which is our preferred method.

Ron W

Martin's Big Walks 2024

I will be walking the Hertford Green Chain Walk on the third Saturday starting from 20th April 2024 Each walk is approximately 12 miles. The Green Chain consist of 16 circular walks, which the first 4 months I have put two circles per walk together. Each walk starts from a station which when I have walked them out I will be able to issue travel details. The 18th May walk will be in Memory of Roger Young.

Walk dates 20th April / 18th May / 15th June / 20th July - see walks programme for more details.

Chain Walk
The Stonor Valley, Hertfordshire Chain Walk

Martin H

Recent Events

Redbridge Ramblers AGM 2023

Saturday 18th November at 1pm at Fullwell Cross Library.

The 2023 Redbridge Ramblers AGM was held successfully on Saturday 18th November 2023 at the Fullwell Cross Library. As there were no other volunteers coming forward the existing committee was elected for another year (see photo below). Namely:- Neville B. - Chairman and Newsletter Secretary Munira I. - Membership Secretary Ant C. - Secretary Dave B. - Walks Programme Coordinator Greg C. -Treasurer Dave A. -Footpaths Officer

Additional to the committee a number of people are actively involved in club activities :- John C (Webmaster), Ron W (Holidays /Quiz Organisation), Terry S (Holidays Admin), Angie L( Festive Meal organisation /other bookings), Martin H (Holiday walks coordination /Big Walk ), Marie B (Catering at Socials) Carolyn O/Eileen B (RR Facebook). See pages 16-21 for the full minutes of the AGM.

All of the current committee members (see above) have indicated that they are happy to continue for another year in their present roles -but we would really like to get some new blood/members to join us -so if you are interested in helping the club continue & move forward please could you get in touch with me or any other committee member to discuss joining us. We are now operating with a very "light touch" re committee meetings - only 2 or 3 per year and we now use the George Pub in Wanstead as a venue - they are more of social gatherings than formal meetings !!

ANNUAL FESTIVE MEAL - 20th January 2024

Over 40 members enjoyed a very convivial Festive Meal to celebrate the New Year at the Toby Inn on Southend Road, Woodford. Great thanks must go to the organiser Angie L. who not only co-ordinated all of the bookings but got the restaurant to reorganise their usual table layouts to get us all accommodated. So well done Angie.

This year we decided to partially subsidise the event out of our excess club funds - a decision that seems to have proved very popular ! Thanks must also go to Jack W. who very generously donated us some of his Mitchell & Butler vouchers (he's an ex employee/shareholder!) which significantly reduced the cost of the event for the club. Thanks Jack!

For photos see newsletter. We now all look forward to another great year of walking with Redbridge Ramblers.

Best Regards Neville

Redbridge Ramblers Group Refund Policy

  1. No refunds for one day coach trips
  2. For overseas holidays no refunds and the individual must arrange insurance. If for any reason you cannot go on the holiday you should find a replacement yourself. It's unreasonable to expect the organiser to find a replacement and waiting lists are not practicable.
  3. For UK holidays, if there is a cancellation, the individual gets a refund only if they can be replaced by someone on the waiting list who can fill their place, and there is no loss to the group as a result. Any refund will be reduced by any additional cost to the group (e.g. single supplements) and also by an admin fee of £10