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From: Tuomainen, Outi

Sent: Friday, May 29, 2015 10:03 AM


Subject: UCL research study on ageing

I am contacting you to request if you could circulate among the Redbridge Ramblers’ mailing lists/newsletters/website the information on our new Economic and Social Research Council funded research study that investigates speech communication in older adults. The reason I am contacting you is because, some time ago, my colleague Dr Tim Schoof recruited participants for her aging study via your email lists and she got a fantastic response from the ramblers’ community, and her study produced really exciting results!

In short, we are currently looking for volunteer participants between the ages 18-80 years to take part in our study here at University College London’s Bloomsbury campus. I would greatly appreciate if you could help us in advertising this study.

We have full ethical approval for the study.

Study description:

We are looking for volunteers for an exciting new Economic and Social Research Council funded research project which investigates the impact of ageing on speech communication in good and adverse listening conditions. Speech communication in older talkers is affected by multiple factors: age-related hearing loss, declines in motor control, how the brain processes incoming information and how we remember facts. Although each of these factors has been the subject of separate investigations, a better understanding of the effect of ageing on speech communication can only come from investigating our ability to speak and understand speech in situations that reflect everyday communication.

We are looking to recruit monolingual British English speaking adults with and without hearing loss between the ages of 18-80 years. In this study you will be asked to visit us 2-3 times and complete a series of interactive ‘spot the difference’ games with a conversational partner. We will pay for your participation (£7.50/hour) and for your travel costs.

Overall, our aim is to achieve a better understanding of the effects of ageing on speech communication and of the various contributing factors to potentially degraded speech communication in a population of 'healthy aged' individuals. These benchmarks will be of use for practitioners such as speech and language therapists and audiologists who work on aspects of communication with older people who have health complications. A better understanding of communication difficulties that older individuals experience and of their strategies to overcome these difficulties will also assist professionals such as social workers and care professionals who work to improve quality of life for older people, as well as developers of speech technology devices for telemedicine and remote monitoring. Importantly, this research will also contribute to our basic understanding of speech perception and production development across the lifespan.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with further details should you need them,

Best wishes,



Dr Outi Tuomainen

Research Associate

Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences,

University College London


Tel. 02076794232

Information about the study